Moss Gastronomy Tube Details

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  • November 18, 2016

For gastric and proximal duodenal decompression plus distal duodenal feeding.

This device has an x-ray tip, three lumens and a gastric balloon. The suction channel has multiple openings in both the stomach and proximal duodenum for efficient removal of swallowed air and liquid. The feeding channel opens at the distal tip to deliver enteral nutrition. The tube is induced surgically through the abdominal and gastric walls within a serosa lined tunnel (Stamm or Witzel technique). The tip is manipulated through the pylorus and into the distal duodenum. The gastric balloon is inflated with 20 ml of sterile water and secured in position by a retainer gently resting against the skin. The patient is kept N.P.O.

Suggested Directions for Use

  • Pull the tube through the abdominal wall by its leading tip, then excise the solid traction tip.
  • Introduce the tube through a gastric puncture and deliver into the distal duodenum. Remove the obturator.
  • Use Stamm or Witzel technique to produce a serosa lined tunnel. Secure the stomach to the abdominal wall.
  • Inflate the balloon with 20 ml of sterile water.
  • Slide retainer gently against abdominal wall and secure with monofilament skin suture. Loosen after 24 hours PRN.
  • Apply continuous H2O suction at 35-70 mm Hg (50-100 cm).
  • Irrigate suction channel with 60 ml warm saline Q2H and PRN.
  • Return filtered aspirate via feeding channel or provide comparable volumes of appropriate IV replacement.
  • Feed full strength Vivonex® T.E.N. @ 100-150 ml/hour via the feeding channel.
  • Monitor blood/urine glucose to guide insulin therapy.

MADE IN USA. US Patents: 4,543,089 & 4,642,092