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Moss Tubes ® are unique among gastrointestinal decompression/feeding devices because they are designed to aspirate within the close confines of the distal esophagus and/or proximal duodenum. This results in efficiency improvements of 12x to 14x over conventional devices which rely exclusively on gastric suction.

Moss tubes were first introduced at the 1963 Clinical Congress of the American College of Surgeons. The initial generation of prototype devices has been followed by four successive generations of improved products which were more “User friendly,” more efficient, and less traumatic to patients. These products have been manufactured exclusively by Moss Tubes, Inc., West Sand Lake, NY, since 1986.

To provide maximum absorption and safety, Moss tubes are designed for simultaneous feeding into the distal duodenum, rather than the stomach. The highest and earliest rates of nutrient absorption are achieved with this regimen.

With Moss tubes, decompression is so much more effective that GI function is maintained and can be exploited immediately after surgery. Extensive case histories demonstrate that within the first 24 hours after surgery, patients are able to absorb 300 kcal to 5000 kcal of an elemental diet, able to consume a general diet, and may be discharged safely at this time. These studies also demonstrate increased rates of wound healing and resistance to sepsis. Substantial hospital and post-hospital cost savings are reported.