Mark IV Nasal Tube

Portfolio Description

The triple-lumen Moss® Nasal Tube provides 12 to 14 times more effective decompression while simultaneously feeding enterally. The suction channel supplements the inefficient aspiration within the distal esophagus and proximal duodenum. Patented “Suction Buster”® holes prevent mucosal occlusion. The second bore delivers an elemental diet three inches farther downstream into the distal duodenum. Refluxing excess is automatically and safely removed while still within the proximal duodenum. The third lumen inflates a gastric retention balloon.

Mark IV Nasal (SIL) Tube
Stock Number : 6-87168
Size/Length : #18 FR./44″

Individually packaged, sterile (ETO). Sold separately. Minimum order quantity 2, or 10/box.

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