Mark IV Nasal Tube Details

Portfolio Description
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  • November 18, 2016

The Moss Nasal Tube is an occlusion resistant nasogastric tube indicated for decompression and simultaneous enteral feeding. Features patented “Suction-Buster” orifices to permit uninterrupted function over the entire suction range. Multiple aspiration sites ensure highly efficient removal of air and liquids. Distal esophagus orifice aids in removal of swallowed air and permits “sham” drinking. Stomach orifice (permits immediate feeding and) helps prevent gastric distention. Proximal duodenum orifice allows tube self-cleansing by digestive juices and helps prevent gastric reflux. The nutrient delivery site at the distal duodenum helps to provide ease of positioning, earliest propulsion and maximum absorption. The balloon site at the esophagus junction helps position and secure the device without tension.

Suggested Directions for Use

  • Balloon and inflation valve of each tube should be tested by inflation prior to use. Using a luer tip syringe, test inflate balloon with air, then evacuate balloon completely.
  • Lubricate with a water soluble lubricant
  • If during insertion an obstruction is encountered, do not force the tube.
  • The surgeon should guide the tube through the pylorus, palpating the balloon to determine correct placement in the stomach.
  • Inflate the balloon with 30 cc water and position without tension at the cardia.
  • Adjust barrier until it almost contacts the patient’s nose.
  • Withdraw and discard the spring obturator.
  • Apply continuous suction (40-100 mm Hg). Note: The lower levels of suction are adequate if the trap bottle is below level of the patient.
  • Irrigate aspiration channel with 60 ml bolus of warm water or saline every two hours and as required, keeping the patient’s head elevated to reduce the chances of aspiration.
  • The patient should sip clear, preferable warm liquids (e.g., tea) to serve as an additional irrigant and to monitor tube function. Swallowed bolus should return promptly.
  • Phlegm should be expectorated, not swallowed. Tissues and a waste container must be made available to the patient.
  • Feed full strength elemental diet at 75-150 ml/hour via the feeding channel.
  • Deflate balloon and withdraw tube following currently accepted medical techniques.
  • Discard soiled tube.